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Internet Resources

§1.  Where should I look on the World Wide Web for LyX stuff?

§2.  Where can I get LyX material by FTP?

§3.  What mailing lists are there?

  • (very low volume), for announcements related to LyX
  • (medium volume), for general usage issues
  • (high volume), for development and debugging issues
  • (excruciatingly low volume), for documentation issues

§3.1  Unsubscribing from a mailing list

Generally, you would send email to


to subscribe to these lists or to


to unsubscribe, where <foo> is one of the following

  • announce
  • users
  • devel
  • docs

You should look at [1] for the full details.

An example: If you for instance wish to unsubscribe from the users' list, send an email to

§3.2  Mailing list archives?

Are the mailing lists archived anywhere?

Yes. :-)

Okay, wise guy! Where are they archived?

FAQ Mailing lists WWW

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