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This page contains some tips for posting on the Lyx User's list and the Lyx developers list

First of all, don't be afraid... they won't bite you :-) Below are some tips for making your posts easier for other people to read and respond to your questions:

§1.  Terminology

The terms article, e-mail and post will be used as synonyms, all meanining a text sent to one of the mailing lists or news groups.

§2.  Writing your first post (i.e. e-mail to one of the lists)

  • Do not hijack threads. This happens when you start completely new issue/problem by replying to some unrelated message you see in maillist. Instead compose the message from scratch and fill the mail address of list by hand.
  • A descriptive title on the article is often useful, but if you can't think of anything good that's ok...
  • Make sure to include details of your system and the version of LyX you are running.
  • Before your first message is actually sent to the list, the mail server will send you an e-mail that you have to reply to. Once the mail server has gotten that reply your message will be sent to the list.

§3.  What information should I put in a mail to the User's list?

Matej preaching about posting correct questions to a list:

  • State clearly what environment you have, i.e. not only LyX-version, but also the rest — Windows?, Mac OS X?, Linux? Which distribution? which version and which distribution of (La)TeX?
  • State clearly what did you do (do you use BibTeX? which class document?
  • state clearly what was desired effect,
  • state clearly what happened,
  • Post short (minimal) example showing the problem.
    Note: Minimal means that the example only contains what is needed and no more.

§4.  Replying to someone else's article

Please bottom-post instead of top-post:

  • Most "old-timers" on the lists prefer you to write your reply after the original message (bottom-posting)... the reason is that they get so follow so many messages that they can't keep track of them otherwise (senile old buggers;)
  • To avoid long messages, try to remove parts of the original post that is not needed
  • See this ListExampleReply

§5.  Signature

Some mail software (e.g. Pine) can recognize signatures if you put a line containing two hyphens and one space just before the signature (-- ). The mail program can then automatically remove the signature when a reply is composed. In a thread with several levels, the advantage of skipping signatures should be obvious. Below is an example:
John Doe, Non-existant LyX-user since forever...

§6.  Tips

Use the command lyx -version to have LyX output various information, i.e:

 $ lyx -version

LyX 1.3.2 of Tue, May 6 2003
Built on May 13 2003, 10:42:46
  Host type:                      i686-pc-linux-gnu
  Special build flags:           
  C   Compiler:                   gcc
  C   Compiler flags:             -g -O2
  C++ Compiler:                   g++ (2.96)
  C++ Compiler flags:             -O -fno-exceptions -ftemplate-depth-30 -Wno-non-template-friend
  Linker flags:                   
  Frontend:                       qt
    Qt version:                   3.0.3
  LyX binary dir:                 /pkg/lyx/1.3.2qt/bin
  LyX files dir:                  /pkg/lyx/1.3.2qt/share/lyx

§7.  Netiquette

Here's one link to some pages about "Netiquette". Feel free to add more links below...

§8.  Links

§9.  Top-posting vs. Bottom-posting

Users of the LyX lists in general prefer bottom-posting. If you have no idea what this is, read on.

  • Illustratation of "top-posting" and help for some people all in one.
    Answer: Use Outlook-QuoteFix or OE-QuoteFix.
    Question: Is there any help for us who use Outlook (Express)?
  • RANT: top posting - a scourge of forums []
  • Top-posting or bottom-posting []
  • The drawback with top-posting is illustrated well by the following FAQ []. Here is a slightly longer version:
    A: Because it destroys the flow of the conversation
    Q: Why is it bad?
    A: No, it's bad.
    Q: Should I top post in replies to mailing lists?

FAQ Netiquette

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