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LyX/Mac Installation FAQ

(Note: The HOWTO for LyX on a Mac by Ronald Florence is included in this wiki under /Mac/Mac. It gives information about more issues.)

LyX/Mac installation is normally trouble-free if you follow the steps in the installer ReadMe. If LyX/Mac installs but the preview options don't show up in the toolbar under View or don't work:

  • Check that you have a working teTeX implementation, that you logged out and logged in again after running LyX-Setup, and that you ran LyX -> Edit -> Reconfigure after starting LyX.
  • If you had a ~/.lyx/preferences file from a previous installation of another version of LyX, either delete it or make sure the entries for viewers do not override the LyX/Mac defaults.

from an e-mail by Ronald Florence ( -- modified for the new version of the LyX/Mac binary bundle on 29 Oct 2003.

Installing document classes that are "Unavailable"

The "Document class" setting has a pop-up menu of many classes. At the end of the list are the "Unavailable" classes which are ones that LyX knows about but doesn't have the .cls file for. Let's say you want to make the "article (Springer LNCS)" class become available. First download the archive of LaTeX2e files from their site. Then install the files therein to your TeX installation. If you installed TeX using MacPorts/DarwinPorts, you can do this by unzipping that directory to /opt/local/share/texmf-dist/tex/latex/llncs2e. Then run `sudo texhash` to let the system know about them. Then run LyX and choose Reconfigure from the application menu and restart. When you start again, the document class should be available.

Note: For me under Mac Os none of the the above worked. I tried several times over the last year and always ended up copying the new class all over the place and finally surrendering (I have different LaTeX distributions installed, some with MacPorts...). Just now I finally managed to get a new class to work using the following steps:

  1. run LyX installer (provided in the LyX .dmg)
  2. download new document-class zip-file and extract it
  3. copy the created folder to ~/Library/texmf/tex/latex (this information I extracted from the output of the LyX installer...)
  4. run "sudo rehash"
  5. in LyX hit "Reconfigure" and restart

Templates on the Mac

To use the TeX-templates (such as cv, Broadway, Hollywood, etc) from the LyX-package on Mac OSX (with OSX 10.3.6, LyX 1.3.5 and teTex using iInstaller 2.69):

In the Finder

  • Select the file in the LyX-package
    • right-click on the LyX icon, select "Show package contents"
    • go to Contents/Resources/LyX/tex
    • copy the file you like to use (e.g. cv.cls)
  • Copy the file to the teTex package
    • select your hard disk's symbol
    • choose Go->Go to folder...
    • type usr
    • navigate to /usr/local/teTeX/share/texmf.local/tex/
    • put the the file here (you have to authenticate with your administrator name and password)
  • Open the Terminal and give the command sudo texhash (authenticate with your administrators password)
  • Open LyX
  • Select Edit-Reconfigure
  • Close Lyx and Open again. The template should now be available under Layout-Document (in the Layout tab, Document class container)


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