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Frequently Asked Questions related to Math

Most of these questions are also answered by LyX's Math manual that you find in LyX's Help menu.

§1.  How do I put normal text inside a mathematical equation?

Type \text and then press space while inside the equation to enter "math text mode".

§2.  Equation numbering doesn't work. Help?

To number an equation, use Insert→Math→Display formula (Shift+Ctrl+M). Make sure you are not using inline formulas. Place the equation on a paragraph of its own, and then insert a label (Insert→Label) inside the blue box of the equation.

§3.  How do I make a cube root (or higher)?

Type "M-m r" or \root to insert a root box. Use the cursor keys to navigate the entry boxes.

§4.  How can I change the appearance of limits in integrals etc?

M-m l (or Alt-M l or Edit→Math→Change Limits Type) toggle between the two commands \limits and \nolimits.
(You can write the example in the following way:
\int \limits _b ^a
For integrals the limits are always set beside the operator (nolimits-mode). For sums the limits are set beside the operator in inline formulas and over/under them (limits-mode) in dislay-style formulas. So M-m l has nothing to do with inline ore display-style mode.

For a detailed explanation, please refer to Help→Math, section 10.2 Operator Limits.

§5.  How can I add a matrix to a math expression without using the math-panel?

  • Type in the minibuffer (open it with M-x): math-matrix cols rows
  • Type in the formula: \matrix . Now use the minibuffer as decribed below.
  • For a matrix with parenthesis, replace \matrix by \pmatrix. For a matrix with lines use \vmatrix.

§6.  How can I remove an equation label?

Enter the equation and press M-m n. Pressing M-m n once more will show the equation label again.

But how do I remove the label complete? I'm not allowed to set the label to nothing.

You can try switching the 'display mode' on/off - while inside the equation, select Insert→Math→Display Formula twice, or use the corresponding keyboard shortcut (Ctrl+Shift+M). Note that this way the multiline (achieved by Ctrl+Enter) can be lost.

§7.  How can I stack math symbols? I want one symbol on top of the other.

Use the LaTeX-command \overset{symbols above}{symbols below}. Here an example for an "a" over a maltese-symbol:


You can enter this command in TeX-mode or in a formula.

§8.  How can I write an inline formula (inline math) in the style of a display formula (bigger symbols etc?)

Wrap it inside the command: \displaystyle

§9.  How can I add a tag/comment/note etc to a display equation?

Try adding \tag{a comment} in ERT in the equation. (I've not tested this myself since I'm on Windows now).

Note: Make sure to switch on "Use AMS math" in Layout→Document for this to work.

§10.  How can I reuse a number in a display equation?

Use the comment tag to add a cross reference to the equation that you want to reuse. Instruction video.

FAQ Math

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