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Frequently Asked Questions about working with multiple and multi-part documents

§ How can I include other documents into a multi-part document so that do NOT start on a new page?

Use the option input instead of include.

§ What is the difference between input and include?

With both input and include you can include a child document (e.g. a chapter of your book). However, they differ in some respects, have some advantages and disadvantages:

  • Differences
    • include starts a new page, input does not. This might be an advantage in some cases, a disadvantage in others.
  • Advantages of include
    • you can disable selected child documents for the output while original page numbering and references are preserved. As of LyX 2.0, this feature is provided via Document→Settings...→Child documents (this pane is only visible when you actually have included children).
  • Advantages of input
    • and input'ed document can contain another input'ed document. An included document cannot contain another included document.

§ Which preamble is used in a multi-part document?

In general, for a multipart document, only the preamble from the master document will be used when you compile it. Only when/if you compile a slave document separately will the preamble of that document be used.

§ How can I share the same preamble in different LyX (sub-)documents?

Sharing a preamble allows you to configure many document settings and have them be consistent across all of the relevant documents.

First copy the preamble into a text file, preamble.tex for example, then replace the existing preamble with \input{preamble}

§ How can I use a main bibliography for the whole multi-part document, but separate bibliographies when chapters are compiled separately?

  1. For the main document, you just insert a bibliography inset at the place where the main bibliography has to appear (within the master file or within a child).
  2. Within the child documents, insert bibliography insets where the bibliography should appear when the child is compiled separately, but insert them into a branch (Insert→Branch→Insert New Branch...), e.g. called "Childonly".
  3. Within the children, activate the branch (Document→Settings...→Branches).
  4. Within the master, de-activate the branch (Document→Settings...→Branches).

§ How can I pack all my files that are included in a LyX document ?

Try the script described on the page ConvertFilesIntoArchive.

FAQ Multipart

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