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How to write multiple authors for a document in LyX

This page answers questions about how to add multiple authors to articles etc?

How to write two authors for a two column article, with each author centered

On Thu, Dec 26, 2002 at 03:01:57AM -0500, Nirmal Govind wrote:
> Hi.. I'm trying to get the information on the authors in a two column
> format for a (two column) paper... there are two authors and the format
> specified by the conference says that the first author info should be
> center aligned in the first column and similarly the second author
> in the second column.. how can this be done? I tried tables but can't
> get the spacing right...

Dekel answers:
The standard way of inserting two authors is to select the author layout and type:

Author1 <ctrl+enter> Address of author1 \and (in latex mode) Author2 <ctrl+enter> Address of author2

This won't center the names in the two column as you want. Inserting the following code to the preamble will do that:

 \vskip 2em%
 \let \footnote \thanks%
   {\LARGE \@title \par}%
   \vskip 1.5em%
     \lineskip .5em%
   \vskip 1em%
   \vskip 1em%
   {\large \@date}%
 \vskip 1.5em}%


Another answer by Steven Homolya:

This is how I fixed a similar problem:

Set document layout to _one_ column (Layout -> Document -> Document-tab: Page_cols: One).

Put in preample (Layout -> Latex_preamble):


Set up a 2-column section for authors:

 ERT before Authors (ctr-l): 

 ERT after Authors: 

Do not use Authors style. Enter author's details in Standard style, set to centre aligned (Layout -> Paragraph). Format style manually (Layout -> Character). Use one paragraph per author, with protected newlines within each if needed (ctrl-<enter>, e.g., to put author and their address on separate lines). When using 'Authors' paragraph style, centre alignment does not work (at least it hasn't worked for me). Limitations: the two paragraphs for the two authors should have the same number of lines, otherwise one of your paragraphs will be split btw. the 2 cols. Solution: put dummy lines in the shorter paragraph, using protected newlines and spaces (ctrl-<enter> followed by ctrl-<space>).

Then, set up a separate 2-column section for the rest of the text ERT before rest of text (usually the abstract):


ERT at the very last line of your lyx document:


I used this for a two-column paper with three authors that had to be entered in 3 centre-aligned columns. If the authors all have the same affiliation, you may want to put that info between the first \end{multicols} and second \begin{multicols}{2}.

Hope this helps.


I'm trying to write a paper with multiple authors, to a spec as below (from ). I don't understand how to get lyx to do the '\and'; or whether there might be a better way.

All help appreciated ! Chris Ward.

answer: The trick is to use \And instead of \and.

I finally managed to get it right. Here is what you have to do: 1. First select the "Author" text style in the upper left corner from the combo box. But instead of writing your name you insert am ERT field (Insert -> Tex Code or CTRL+L). 2. Then copy the following code into the ERT field:

Johannes Schaback\thanks{This work has been supported by the {\em Verein zur F\"orderung der Softwaretechnik e.V. (VFSWT)} and a travel grant from {\em IJCAI-07}.}\\Institut f\"ur Softwaretechnik\\Technische Universit\"at Berlin\\Strasse d. 17 Juni 135, Germany\\{\tt} \And Fang Li\\Department of Computer Science\\Shanghai Jiao Tong University\\Dong Chuan Road 800, China\\{\tt}

3. Modify the names, affiliations and whatever in the LaTex code according to your needs.

Hope this helps,

Johannes Schaback

3.1.2 Author or Authors

The \author{} command takes one argument: your name and the name of any co-authors and your affiliation(s). Be certain to note that you do not have multiple occurrences of \author surrounding each author and affiliation. You should insert \\ (line breaks) between your name and your affiliation, and you may insert one for a desirable break if either line is too long to fit on a single line.

You should enter the author's/authors' names and affiliation in mixed upper and lower case. Use \and to separate authors where you want separation by the word "and" on a line by itself; use the word and to separate authors where there is no line break. You may use any of LaTEX's accented characters as required in an author or organization name. You may put a tie accent {the tilde with no backslash) between an initial and a subsequent part of the name to improve spacing.


One author, one affiliation (These can be done in Lyx by inserting a line break):

\author{Maurice Herlihy\\Digital Equipment Corporation}

Two authors, one affiliation:

\author{Saumya K. Debray \and Nai-Wei Lin\\The University of Arizona}

Several authors, each with different affiliation:

\author{S\o ren Asmussen\\Aalborg University,
Peter W.~Glynn\\Stanford University \and Hermann Thorisson\\University of Iceland}

Several authors, some with common affiliations:

\author{Mic Bowman\\The Pennsylvania State University \and Saumya K.~Debray and Larry L.~Peterson\\The University of Arizona}

I worked it out eventually. You key in your authors, like Chris Carolyn and set the line's style to 'author'. Then you put the cursor between "Chris" and "Carolyn", click on the red 'TeX' button on the toolbar, and type '\and' in the box which pops up.

All OK now ! Chris Ward.

The authblk package can help. You have to do it in ERT but it works very well and is quite flexible. It is not included in tetex, but you can get it from ctan.

Martijn Brouwer

Another thing! I got errors trying to follow this instruction. You need spaces before and after the ERT \And part, or it will be written together with the text before and after it. Don't put ctrl-enter after it though or the second author name will be taken as part of the address.

Also, at least in my document class (nips2004e) I did not have to use any tricks as above to get everything centered, just using the \And command worked fine.

-- Martin

Here is another question about multiple authors. I'm working on an anthology, where just about every chapter is from a different author. I'm wrestling with both KOMA and memoir trying to get just the pager number and the chapter name [no numbers] in the left header, and the author name and the page number in the right header. Also, how do I get each of these authors' names into the TOC? I realize this is a multifaceted question: it is a multifaceted problem.

-- M. Smith

With the IEEE style I was working with, any tex \author{} listing did not show up. So, if your having trouble with above, try:

  • Select layout-Author
  • Insert Tex box
  • In the texbox:

I only tried with up to three authors, but it worked well. Of course, \usepackage{multicols} must be put in the preamble, as noted above.

--Trevor Cook

I needed to have multiple columns for authors using IEEE class. What I did was specify "conference" on the custom text area of class options and then put the author information on preamble like it's advised in the class manual

\author{\IEEEauthorblockN{Michael Shell}
\IEEEauthorblockA{School of Electrical and\\
Computer Engineering\\
Georgia Institute of Technology\\
Atlanta, Georgia 30332--0250\\
\IEEEauthorblockN{Homer Simpson}
\IEEEauthorblockA{Twentieth Century Fox\\
Springfield, USA\\
\IEEEauthorblockN{James Kirk\\
and Montgomery Scott}
\IEEEauthorblockA{Starfleet Academy\\
San Francisco, California 96678-2391\\
Telephone: (800) 555--1212\\
Fax: (888) 555--1212}}


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