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Obtaining and compiling LyX

§1.  What do I need for compilation?

  • LyX source code: lyx-1.x.x.tar.gz
    Get it here
  • The remaining requirements may be details you don't need to worry about, if your operating system distribution will arrange for them all in one go. For instance, see the Ubuntu compilation instructions for how to ensure that all dependencies are ready for compiling. Otherwise, you will somehow also need to ensure you have:
* QT 4 library: using the latest version available is recommended.
* A modern C++ compiler. If you are using gcc, LyX requires at least version 3.x.

§2.  How do I compile it?

  • ./configure
  • make
  • make install (usually as root, though you don't have to be if you add flags to the configure command)

See the INSTALL file for more details.

§3.  I hate compiling. Where are precompiled binaries?

Binaries for Windows and Mac OS X are provided at the LyX homepage.

For more info, see

Linux binaries are usually provided by the Linux distributions. For more info, see

§4.  Known problems

§5.  Other dependencies

Except compilation dependencies you need other packages to have LyX working properly. You may be able to get Lyx installed, but the ability to convert may not be there. Look here.

FAQ Install

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