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§ How can I redefine the command \listoffigures

To do this, you want to know the current definition of \listoffigures, because you probably don't know how to re-implement it. Getting this is trivial:

Start latex with no parameters (i.e. type latex<enter> in a terminal) You should get something like this, possibly a different version:

This is TeX, Version 3.14159 ([[Web2C]] 7.3.7)

type in \documentclass{book}<enter>
You should get another "*" prompt. Type in \show\listoffigures<enter> And there it is! Put all of it in the preamble of your document. Test it (view dvi or similiar) to see that you didn't make any mistakes cutting and pasting it.

If this works flawlessly, change the definition by putting your \addcontentsline{} somewhere in the middle of it.

If you know some latex you'll see a good spot. If not - experiment. Too early and you get the "page before" problem, too late and you'll get the "last page" problem. Look for a place in the macro after the new page/chapter has started, before the actual listing begins. Somewhere around the heading perhaps. Make sure to put your \addcontentsline between other commands, not in the middle of one.

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