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§ How can I preserve figure locations on different computers?

You should use relative, not absolute paths. From Wikipedia: " a relative path starts from some given working directory, avoiding the need to provide the full absolute path.".

You can achieve this in two ways.

Put everything in one folder

  1. Save your new LyX file in its own folder
  2. Save any external figure in the same folder
  3. In the LyX file, load graphics as usual.

Example directory structure:


Manually edit path in Lyx

If you want to have your figures in a different folder then the lyx files. You can follow this procedure:

  1. In Lyx load the Graphic as usual.
  2. Manually edit the textbox in which the path of the file is shown and make the path relative.

Example directoy structure:


In the insert graphics dialogue of file lyxfilename.lyx you would enter the following path:


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