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Frequently Asked Questions about producing specific Symbols and Text Formattings

§1.  How can I write the symbol for the set of real numbers?

In math mode, write \mathbb to get 'blackboard' font and then type 'R'. Or use the Math panel and look at the Symbols→Miscellanous.

§2.  How can I typeset units? (SI units for instance)

Use the package units or SIunits or siunitx.

§3.  How do I get a proper tilde-character? (~)

If the tilde character is raised in the output, you probably use the LaTeX default font, which erroneously uses a raised "accent tilde" character for non-raised "text tildes". Your best bet is to switch to a different font in Document→Settings...→Fonts. If you want to retain the general look of the default LaTeX font, try Latin Modern Roman.

§4.  How do I get a superscript/subscript in the text?

As of LyX 2.0, use the menu item Insert→Formatting→Superscript

In older versions, LyX provides only a math super/subscript (to be found at Insert→Formatting→Superscript as of LyX 1.6, and at Insert→Special Character→Superscript in older versions). For text superscripts, you should rather insert \textsuperscript{text} in TeX mode, because the math superscript does not look good in normal text. Some document classes (e.g. KOMA) also have a \textsubscript. If yours doesn't, you can load the fixltx2e package which defines it:


FAQ Symbols

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