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A page with suprises (FAQ) that new new users typically encounter.

§1.  What does blue underlined text mean?

Blue underlining means that the text belongs to a different language (this visual cue can be turned off). For instance, a part of a document with default language British English would put text in say Canadian English in blue underline. Also have a look at the menu Preferences→Lang Opts→Language→Mark foreign.

§2.  I installed a new LaTeX style/class, but it is not found. Why?

You probably forgot to run texhash.

LyX can be given new capabilities by including a style file. Often these style files are already included in your LaTeX distribution tree, but sometimes they're not. If a needed style or class file is not already in your LaTeX distribution tree, you must download it and put it in the distribution tree. Once that's been done, in order for LyX (and LaTeX) to "see" the new style or class file, you must run the texhash program, as root.

§3.  I installed a new LaTeX class, but I can not use it in LyX. Why?

LyX needs to have a so called layout file (a LyX-specific thing) in order to deal with LaTeX classes. Probably no such layout file is installed for your class.


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