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Frequently Asked Questions about Tables and Table Formatting

§1.  Arrgh. Why has my table disappeared off the edge of the page?

Here is the simple solution to keeping your table on the page:

Insert > Table, insert text into the table then select each column and right click > Settings. In the Column Width box, drop down the listbox and select Text Width % (this will keep your table to the margin width), then put in a value for the number of columns as a percent e.g. if you have 4 columns, put 25 in the Width: box

§2.  How do I put a multiline text in a table cell?

There are several ways, and the one you should use depends on what you need to do exactly.

  • Set a width on the column (in the table settings), and then you can use ctrl+enter (line break) in that column.
  • Like above, but select a width only to a single cell in the column, by clicking the "multi column" button for that cell and then setting the width.
  • Write the text in two more more consecutive vertical cells. You can disable the lines between the cells by making the cells multi-column, and then disable the lines you don't need.

§3.  How can I center a table in a float?

Put the cursor in the paragraph with the table and open the dialog with Paragraph_Settings (Edit→Paragraph Settings...) and set the alignment of the paragraph to center.

§4.  Why do longtables increment the counter of normal tables? How can I avoid that?

Since longtables are not put into floats (floats cannot break pages, but longtables are exactly for that), longtables do have an internal counter. It is assumed that each longtable also has a caption (see the next question on how to use captions in longtables), and therefore, the tablecounter is automatically incremented by each longtable (also if you do not actually define a caption).

To avoid this you can add the following command in TeX-Code after every longtable without a caption:


This is not needed if none of your longtables have a caption and if you add the following code to the document preamble:


§5.  How can I use a caption with a longtable?

See Formatting Tables.

§6.  Why are footnotes in tables not working?

See Formatting Tables

§7.  How can I adjust the numbering of tables?

See this FAQ section.

§8.  Where do I get more information about tables and table formatting?

See the site Tables on this wiki for specific tasks as well as the document EmbeddedObjects manual that ships with LyX.

FAQ Tables

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