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Unanswered questions

Add questions you think are of general interest, but you have no answer for to this section. Please do not post individual problems here. Use the mailing list for that.

§1.  How do I complete a word?

There's a dynamic abbreviation feature in both emacs (Meta-/) and vim (Ctrl-n). Is there something like this in lyx? Here's from emacs help:

     Expand the word in the buffer before point as a "dynamic abbrev",
     by searching in the buffer for words starting with that
     abbreviation (`dabbrev-expand').

§2.  How do I submit a patch against a .lyx file?

In the testcase below, I found that straight diff added hundreds of irrelevant whitespace changes. Ignoring all whitespace changes (i.e. "-b -B") lost genuine white space changes, this appeared to be caused by the "-b" option. However, "diff -B" generated a correct patch without irrelevant whitespace changes being included. In general, should we (is it safe to) generate patches with the -B option?

Also, when sending patches against docs, should be now use the "with context" -c output with change tracking rather the the traditional "unified" -u format?

§3.  How do I let other people i18n my lyx document without them having to play directly with the source/structure of the document?

§4.  I would like to use lyx in a console window (with text "GUI" like ncurses) when there is no X-Server available for some reasons. Is that possible?

This would enable me to edit documents remotely via ssh or in a screen session when there is not enough bandwith available to start an X11 application.

§5.  Is it possible to include Lyx Notes when exporting documents?

This would be useful when I send drafts to other people as this would allow them to know how I'm thinking about the work, while still allowing me to produce exports that does not include these.

§6.  Where does it export it's files?

It says the export is successful but the files are nowhere to be found. That's not very useful.


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