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How can I get an empty pagestyle on a page where I have a big float?

You have a big picuture so you can't afford to have headers or footers on that page. However, you still want a figure caption with number and all that. Herber recommends using \pagebreak and the nonfloat-package. Dekel suggested the package floatpag.

Below are my notes on how I used it with Lyx and and how it worked out. Example files can be found here.

Using the \nonfloat-package

Add this to the preamble:


the package nonfloat can be found on CTAN, here for instance. I installed it by downloading the files into a separate catalog and there executing the command:

 latex nonfloat.ins   then I copied the nonfloat.sty-file to somewhere in the TEX-path.

Now, instead of using the normal float, you insert the following as ERT.

\figcaption{A figure with a lot of text that will go on for
rows so that I can see if it runs into the page number or so. 
seems I'll need a lot more of text than I have right now. Well 
I'll just write until it starts to bleed etc... bla adsf asfas }%

Using the floatpag package

Add this to the preamble:

\floatpagestyle{fancy}% Default page style for pages with only flloats

the package floatpag can be found on CTAN, or for instance here. I just put it somewhere latex could find it. Then to use it, I inserted this in ERT in the float:


before the actual graphics inset.

where the \vspace command moves the image a bit higher up.


Both methods work, but the \floatpag-package requires less ERT and it's easier to control the vertical position of the image.

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