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Layout to produce a “book” of recipes.

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  1.   1.  Installation

1.  Installation

Since LyX 1.6.2 the layout and example file is already installed together with LyX.

  1. First download:
    - uploads:/Layouts/Recipebook/recipebook.layout
    and copy it in your ~/.lyx/layouts folder
  2. You can also download an example file:
    - uploads:/Layouts/Recipebook/recipebook_example.lyx
    and copy it in your ~/.lyx/examples folder
  3. That's it!

In case, you are interested, how the final output will look like, you can preview the pdf versions of the files above. So, here are they:

- uploads:/Layouts/Recipebook/recipebook_example.pdf

- uploads:/Layouts/Recipebook/recipebook_template.pdf

There is one problem known with this layout:

- in the final output the language of the "Ingredients" word cannot be changed.


- you should change the "Ingredients" string in the layout in line 103 (you should keep the hashmark afterward).

Happy LyX-ing…


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