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Using REVTeX 4.1 with LyX

REVTeX 4.1 Layout (alpha)

  • Please note that this layout file is for LyX 2.0 and will not work with earlier versions of LyX.
  • Download layout file and save it in either the shared system folder where LyX keeps application settings (layouts subdir), or to the analogous folder in your home directory tree
    • For Linux: this is typically ~/.lyx/layouts).
    • For Mac OS X: show package content: then go to Contents/Resources/layouts/..
  • You can download here:
  • In LyX, do: Tools > Reconfigure / MAC OSX : LyX > Reconfigure
  • (Re)start LyX and you should see article (REVTeX 4.1) as a new document class


Mention features from the REVTeX 4.1 documentation that should be tested (and fixed in the layout if broken) before final release of this layout.

  • New environment: video (works!)
  • Using \cite instead of \footnote for footnotes as the REVTeX guide suggests. So far \footnote works but may not be acceptable by journals. Will using the LyX citation inset generate proper latex?
  • New feature: structured abstracts using the description environment (works!)
  • Test newly added support for arXiv.org in BibTeX
  • Using the collaboration style triggers insertion of \maketitle which breaks the layout - even though collaboration is defined in link1 above by

CopyStyle Affiliation


Category: Layouts

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