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Alternative implementation of seminar.layout, a comprehensive LaTeX class for slides (including documentation and template).

LyX 1.6 (and eventually 1.5.7) will ship with an updated version of this layout.


LyX layout for the Seminar Class [1] by Timothy Van Zandt

Seminar is a LaTeX package for presentations (slides and notes and printout) with a lot of flexibility and functionnalities. More advanced then foiltex, but (by default) more "traditional" then prosper or beamer.

This extended version adds to the seminar.layout that ships with LyX:

  • A revised layout with nice labels.
  • A template and documentation file.




  • LyX > 1.3
LyX 1.6 (and eventually 1.5.7) will ship with an updated version of this extended layout.
  • The seminar class (included in most modern LaTeX distributions).
If it is not in your distribution, you can download it from CTAN


  • Copy seminar.layout into your layouts dir (~/.lyx/layouts or "~/Library/Application Support/LyX-<version>/layouts/" on Mac OS X).
  • Tools>Reconfigure
  • The "slides (seminar)" class should show up in the Layout>Document dialog.
  • Copy seminar.template to your templates directory (~/.lyx/templates or "~/Library/Application Support/LyX-<version>/templates/" on Mac OS X). Now it should appear under File>New_from_Template. (Alternatively, copy anywhere you wish and open with File>Open)

What now?

  • The next steps are explained in the template. (In LyX 1.6 the full explanations are in semiar-example.lyx in the examples dir.)
  • It is really helpfull to read sem-user.dvi, the documentation that comes with seminar as well as the LyX User Guide.

Bug in seminar.cls:

seminar.cls has a bug that prevents proper working with the "a4paper" option. The option "a4" works.

The bug prevents use of seminar as doctype from LyX together with the geometry package, as LyX inserts:


and subsequentely, LaTeX reports an

! Undefined control sequence. 


If you need the geometry package, you can either hand-insert these lines into the preamble (instead of using the doctype tab for geometry option)

% replace the margin values with your favourites

or apply the following patch to seminar.cls

--- tetex-base-2.0.2/texmf/tex/latex/seminar/seminar.cls.orig   Wed Dec 10
+14:58:57 2003
+++ tetex-base-2.0.2/texmf/tex/latex/seminar/seminar.cls        Wed Dec 10
+15:03:13 2003
 -79,7 +79,7 
   \paperheight 297mm
   \slidewidth 222mm
   \slideheight 152mm\relax}
+\DeclareOption{a4paper}{\csname ds@a4\endcsname}%


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