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Set of .module and .inc files to get the theorem-like statements in French

What it does

LyX provides a convenient GUI for theorem-like statements. Once you have added one of the "theorems..." modules to your document, a choice of these statements appears at the bottom of the drop-down box in the LyX window.

However, the names remain in English unless you provide LyX with localized .inc and .modules files.

The archive below contains the French translations.


  1. download the thms_fr.tar.gz file to the folder of your choice;
  2. extract its contents (14 files) to your <user directory>/layouts (see Help > About LyX to find your user directory);
  3. start LyX, choose Tools > Reconfigure, restart LyX.

Your theorem-like statements should now preview in French.


Category: Layouts

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