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This page ports the Tufte-book class to LyX.

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  1.   1.  Tufte-book
  2.   2.  Updated versions (included as of LyX 1.6.5)

As of version 1.6.5, LyX includes a Tufte-book layout and example file.

1.  Tufte-book

The Tufte-book layout comes from the work of Edward Tufte in porting his page design to LaTeX. My layout file is an attempt to port his work to LyX. I've based my work on the tufte-handout layout already on the site. I added a figure* float for full-width page figures.

Please regard this as a work in progress. I'm a LyX user, not a programmer, so I would welcome any improvements to this layout file.

2.  Updated versions (included as of LyX 1.6.5)


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