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How to start LyX with debug flags to produce diagnostic output.

You tell LyX to produce diagnostic output by giving a command such as

	lyx -dbg kbmap

to produce diagnostic output regarding custom keyboard definitions. In order to see a full list of all the available flags to -dbg, simply execute:

	lyx -dbg

Also see the LyX man page for more details on available command line options to LyX.

Here are the flags that are available in LyX 1.3.5:

List of supported debug flags:
      0      none  No debugging message
      1      info  General information
      2      init  Program initialisation
      4       key  Keyboard events handling
      8       gui  GUI handling
     16    parser  Lyxlex grammar parser
     32     lyxrc  Configuration files reading
     64     kbmap  Custom keyboard definition
    128     latex  LaTeX generation/execution
    256    mathed  Math editor
    512      font  Font handling
   1024    tclass  Textclass files reading
   2048     lyxvc  Version control
   4096 lyxserver  External control interface
   8192      roff  Keep *roff temporary files
  16384    action  User commands
  32768    lyxlex  The LyX Lexxer
  65536    depend  Dependency information
 131072    insets  LyX Insets
 262144     files  Files used by LyX
 524288  workarea  Workarea events
1048576 insettext  Insettext/tabular messages
2097152  graphics  Graphics conversion and loading
4194303       any  All debugging messages

Note that in order to activate the flag for several flags, e.g. info and key, you can either add the values (1+4 = 5) or write

lyx -dbg info,key

Comments about the debug flags

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