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Vote for the feature YOU would like to see included!

Note: Developers do not read these pages regularly. This is intended as a place for users to discuss features. If you intend to reach the developers,

Also, this is not the place to report bugs. Again, use the LyX bug tracker for that.

The list of feature requests has grown too long to fit on a single page, so has been split in two. Please check both pages before posting a new request, and if you do post a new request please put it in the correct place.

  • FeaturePoll1 - tools, citing, tables, graphics/preview, math, inline elements, editing
  • FeaturePoll2 - packages, layouts, saving, exporting, output, LaTeX, navigating, installers, look, misc

(This is surely not the most ideal way to split the pages. It was done as a rush job to get rid of the vandalism that deleted many requests.)

FeaturePoll Christmas Complaints

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