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Choosing Fonts

This page describes/discusses choosing the fonts in LyX.

LyX's WYSIWYM feature means that the fonts used on screen usually differ from the fonts used in the document. Below you find sections for setting both of them.

Document Fonts

The standard way of changing the font in a LyX document is to go to Layout->Document:Font.

Since LyX 1.5.,

  • There are 3 boxes for choosing a Serif, San Serif and Monospace font separately.
  • Selecting "Times Roman" will use package mathptmx.
  • There is an input box for scaling the fonts.

If the requested font package is not supported by the GUI (e.g. the Kerkis font with improved Greek support or the sans-serif lxfonts), one can set the font-selecting boxes to "Default" and choose the font in the custom LaTeX preamble, e.g.


This is also the prefered method to choose Times fonts in versions of LyX up to 1.4: Herbert recommended in lyx-users adding this to the preamble:



Screen Fonts

As LyX is WYSIWYM, fonts on screen may differ from the fonts used in the LaTeX output. Set the on-screen font with Tools->Preferences

Menu and dialog fonts

Menu and dialogs font is not part of LyX preferences - you must change your Qt settings - on linux platforms qtconfig is your friend.

Math fonts


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