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About Internet Relay Chat (IRC) related to LyX.


The current LyX development team communication channels are mailing development list and bug tracker. While IRC communication might be faster our team prefers mail list because it is easier to archive and structure all technical discussion, so IRC channel is usually silent.


Questions, answers, and debate in a friendly atmosphere takes place on IRC at the #lyx channel on the OFTC network. In order to get there, you need a IRC client such as the excellent text based client irssi (or mIRC for windows). Your browser might also have a chat client built in (e.g. the browser Opera has this).

Here are some related links:

Finally it is just a matter of connecting to the server using your IRC client. Here's how you can do this using irssi:

$ irssi

When the connection is established, you can join the channel using this command (which assumes you are using irssi):

/join #lyx

Unfortunately this channel is very quiet now and your questions will be more probably answered in the mailing list.

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