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How to insert references directly from your bibliography manager

1.  Programs that insert references using pipes

Some of the bibliography management programs that work with LyX can directly insert citations into LyX using pipes. Even if the program you use doesn't do this out of the box, it may still be a fairly simple matter to write a script in shell or AppleScript to work with the program. This is what Mark Reid did with BibDesk.

2.  Using pipes to insert references

This is accomlished by sending commands to the LyX Server via the LyX pipe in your user directory. In the normal case, the command used is citation-insert <citation key>. Enter it just like that into the minibuffer, or as LYXCMD:<anything>:citation-insert:<citation key> into the LyX pipe.

There is an exception if you are exporting SGML documents using the scripts developed by Chris Karakas. In that case you need to insert cross-references in place of citations. This is done with reference-insert for versions of LyX prior to 1.4, which has the syntax LYXCMD:<anything>:reference-insert ref|++|<citation key>. Note that you might have to double-quote the pipe symbols with \\.

For versions of LyX subsequent to 1.4, you have to use inset-insert instead. The format is LYXCMD:<anything>:inset-insert ref LatexCommand ref reference referenceName \end_inset. There's also an optional "name NAME" argument that seems to work in docbook: <link linkend="referenceName">NAME</link>.

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