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Live CDs with LyX

This page is intended to list "live CDs" with LyX, i.e. a CD that you can boot your computer from and then run LyX. Knoppix is one well known live CD.

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  1.   1.  Knoppix
  2.   2.  Quantian
  3.   3.  GI-Knoppix
  4.   4.  Knosciences & KnoMath
  5.   5.  TeaM-TL
  6.   6.  Knoppix-based live CD with LyX by Miki Dovrat
  7.   7.  Creating a Slax CD

1.  Knoppix

Knoppix contained LyX until version 3.3, included. According to the changelog, afterwards (2004-05-04) "the entire latex system (101MB) because of space reasons" was removed. When Knoppix began to release DVD images, Lyx was included again.

Recently (as of early 2013), the Knoppix 7.0.5 LiveDVD contains LyX. Among other, it contains the Xfce Desktop Environment.

  • TeXLive 2012
  • LyX 2.0.3
  • Kile 2.1.0

Download (at least) from:

or see sites)

Also, there are plenty of Knoppix-based CDs that contain LyX (just google for knoppix+lyx). Some results:

There is also a nice tutorial (in German) for writing a thesis with LyX from Knoppix (assuming a historic Knoppix release with LyX) on

Tag me

2.  Quantian

Quantian Scientific Linux is a Knoppix-based LiveDVD. Among others, the most recent version ships:

  • teTeX (don't know the version)
  • LyX 1.3.6
  • Kile 1.8.1

3.  GI-Knoppix

GI-Knoppix (German Gymnasium Version) is a Knoppix-based LiveCD.

4.  Knosciences & KnoMath

Knosciences & KnoMath are two Knoppix-based LiveCDs (apparently with English and French audiences, respectively), using Xfce4 for the Desktop Environment.
"Knosciences is a GNU/Linux Bootable CD for Education created by VERHILLE Arnaud."
"KnoMath est une distribution GNU/Linux sur CD de démarrage pour ordinateurs PC x86. C'est une plateforme scientifique mobile libre pour enseignants et étudiants de tout niveaux. Ce CD-Live vous est offert par Nathalie Carrié et Verhille Arnaud."

Both ship several useful TeX-related packages:

  • teTeX 2.0.2
  • Lyx 1.3.6
  • Texmacs 1.0.6

The ("French") KnoMath also ships:

  • Dia
  • Texmaker

The applications selection differs a bit, so take the time to choose the right disc. KnoMath seems to provide more Office-related software.

5.  TeaM-TL

Polish Live CD based on SLAX by Tomas Luczak. See LyxDevelThreadRoot:42467 where Tomas writes about a Live CD he has that is based on SLAX []. It uses Fluxbox as the Window Manager.

Some features of version 5.5.1 (note: the most recent version is 5.5.2):

  • TeXLive 2005 (without noneuropean languages)
  • LyX 1.3.5
  • Kile 1.8.1

More info:

Download the .iso image:

Note: The installation defaults to Polish (locale pl_PL) and contains only polish translation. After booting you need to change the locale, e.g. through:

    export LC_ALL=en_US

From the website's FAQ: "Is posible change language into english? Yes, of course. 1. Before boot add boot parameter linux lang=en 2. After login run After you have to logout and login agin."

6.  Knoppix-based live CD with LyX by Miki Dovrat

Miki Dovrat (see this post) has created a live CD with LyX based on Knoppix. Unfortunately he has no place to host it (we might place it on the wiki). Mike wrote:

I have taken the knoppix CD and remastered it (easy instructions on the
knoppix website, long and exhausting procedure) to include [=TeTex, LyX,

fonts, imagemagick, viewers, etc. I put Open-office on it so I could read Word documents, and I even had room to spare so I included Octave, Grace, and Gnuplot. All these things are all prepackaged in the Debian distribution, including all fonts required (The Hebrew fonts for TeX I had to get from somewhere else and install, they even might have been packaged in Debian as well, but anyway, Debian has a "alien" command to install "alien" packages), so the procedure is straightforward (no compilation), you just have to choose the packages from the installation program ("aptitude", apt-get). It is a "smart" program that takes care of pre-requisites and downloads all needes extra libraries for you as well.

When I did this, only lyx 1.3.4 was packaged so I used that instead of compiling 1.3.5, which was a week old at the time.

I also removed all games, some foreign (for me) language support (fonts and dictionaries of German, French, etc.) and other programs I didn't care for to make room.

If it is of any interest, I could upload the CD image to somewhere. You can always take this image as a starting point instead of the original Knoppix (for example if you really miss the European language dictionaries for OpenOffice and the spellers)

I don't have anywhere to put 700MB (the uncompressed version is 2GB). =]

I will try to remaster it again with the most recent versions (of Knoppix and Lyx) and maybe post a script rather than an image... Miki

7.  Creating a Slax CD

Slax is a liveCD that is very easy to customize. You can download the iso image file from and there you can also download modules...including lyx 1.4.2. Then, when you wish to create your custom liveCD including lyx, use Myslax creator (a Windows program) -- -- which will super-easily let you create your liveCD with lyx. This is the only way to currently create a 1.4.x series lyx liveCD. Make sure to get the modules for all of lyx´s dependencies and also to get XPDF.

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