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This page gives an overview on how to use LyX for specific scientific fields. Feel free to add tips for your specific field here ...


Of course, math has always been one of the core strengthes of LyX. LyX features an excellent math editor, you can define math macros and LyX supports many math constructs. The features are well documented in the User Guide (chapter 5), so there's not much to add here.

Here are some pages that are dedicated to mathematics:


See the LinguistLyX page.


See the HumanitiesLyX page.


Typesetting formulae

For typesetting chemical formulae, the LaTeX package mhchem is useful. LyX does not yet provide natural support for mhchem, thus they have to be entered as LaTeX commands. However, you can (mis)use the preview function of LyX's math editor to display the formulae inside LyX in a WYSIWYG way. Here's how it works.

  1. Make sure that InstantPreview is switched on in Tools→Preferences→Graphics. Also, you need to have the preview-latex package installed.
  2. The mhchem package must be loaded. You have to do this manually: enter \usepackage[version=3]{mhchem} into the preamble (or the version you are using, resp.; please check the documentation of your mhchem installation).
  3. You have to switch to MathEd's text mode to insert the formulae. In order to do this, hit C-M twice.
  4. Now insert the formula, e.g. \ce{H2O}. Note how mathed automatically opens a subbox after \ce{ was entered (you do not have to add the closing brace).
  5. In order to write and preview reactions, that is formulas with more than one compound, type the \ce{...} macro with its full content as normal text in your paragraph, mark it, then press Ctrl-m and move the cursor into the reaction by clicking or with the cursor keys; alternatively, you can mark a second time and press Ctrl-m again.

That's all. If the everything is installed correctly, this formula will display inside LyX in a WYSIWYG way as soon as you leave the math editor.

Here's an example LyX file.


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