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Writing math in LyX using the Math Editor.

Here we present especially the things that you can do in MathEd which are not generally known or well documented in the general documentation.

1.  Partitioned matrices

You can create a partitioned matrix by adding partitioning rulers to a matrix. To do this, you have to create the matrix from scratch; in the creation dialogue you are presented with an "alignment string", which looks like "ccccc" for a five-column matrix.

Now, to get a vertical rule, just add a pipe symbol "|" in-between in the right place. Both LyX and LaTeX will render it correctly.

To get a horizontal rule, place the latex command \hline (which will be visible as a red word) at the start of the first cell of the row below the intended rule.

If you save and re-load your document, also the horizontal rule will be rendered WYSIWYG fashion.

2.  Copying and pasting arbitrary rectangles

This just works. Try it! It's a quick way to fix up a matrix that is finished but "wrong", if the standard matrix editing commands are not enough to do what you want to do -- like adding partitioning rules. Then, create a new matrix, and move over the content from the old one, rectangle by rectangle.

3.  Whitespace around horizontal rules

Two different methods, both work, for text tables as well as math arrays:




4.  Font changes in math mode

There are several default shortcuts (key bindings) for making font changes while in the math editor. On most keyboards, access is through Alt+C followed by a second keystroke (Alt+Z if you have German menus).

Alt+C followed byGerman menu: Alt+Z followed byFont/Decoration
BFbold (\boldsymbol)
CKblackboard (\mathbb)
EH or Icalligraphic (\mathcal)
M mbox (\mbox)
RRroman (\mathrm)
SSsans serif (\mathsf)
UUunderline (\underline)
spacespaceplain text (\textnormal)

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