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This page describes the help documents that come with an installation of LyX.

If you look under the menu Help, you should find these choices:

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  1.   1.  Help documents shipped with LyX
    1.   1.1  Introduction
    2.   1.2  Tutorial
    3.   1.3  User's guide
    4.   1.4  Extended Features
    5.   1.5  Customization
    6.   1.6  FAQ
    7.   1.7  Table of Contents
    8.   1.8  LaTeX Configuration
    9.   1.9  Categories

1.  Help documents shipped with LyX

1.1  Introduction

This is the first document you should read if you are new to LyX.

1.2  Tutorial

After you read the introduction, you should start here. If you are new to LyX, and have never used LaTeX before, start with Chapter 1. If you are confused about what LaTeX is, then you should reread Chapter 1 of the Introduction, then read the Tutorial. Note that after you read the Tutorial, you'll probably still not be a LaTeX expert --- but you will know how to use LyX.

If you have used LaTeX before, you should still read the Tutorial, starting with the section on "LyX for LaTeX users." (Skimming the rest of the document wouldn't hurt, either.)

If, at any time, you find yourself feeling a bit clueless with respect to LyX, try perusing the Tutorial before diving into any of the other manuals. It's a good springboard.

If you want to see one tutorial that explain how to set up the Lyx and the others softwares see:

1.3  User's guide

The User's guide is the primary documentation of LyX. It covers most of the basic operation and available features of LyX. This document assumes that you have read the Tutorial

1.4  Extended Features

The Extended Features documents how to use raw LaTeX commands, additional layouts and special-purpose editing features. This document also includes some of the (nifty, but rather bizarre) tricks of the masters of LaTeX.

1.5  Customization

The Customization describes advanced LyX features, including how to customize the overall behaviour of LyX. This includes things such as keybindings, internationalizations and configuration files. Don't even think of reading this until you have read the Tutorial.

1.6  FAQ

This document contains Frequently Asked Questions but is not very up to date, please see FAQ wiki pages for more recent information.

1.7  Table of Contents

The Table of Contents is an automatically generated document that lists the contents of all the LyX help documents.

Note: It'd be nice if this was clickable! -- Christian

1.8  LaTeX Configuration

The LaTeX Configuration is automatically generated by LyX the first time you start LyX (or when you do a reconfigure). This document contains information on what LyX learned about your installation. If you want to check if LyX detected a particular LaTeX class, this is the document you want to look at.

1.9  Categories

Category: Documentation

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