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This page will show you how to setup Lyx on openSUSE

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  1.   1.  Installation
    1.   1.1  Latest Version
  2.   2.  ImageMagick

1.  Installation

If you are running a recent version of openSUSE just open a terminal and type:

sudo zypper in lyx

this will install a version that was shipped with the initial released distribution.
Note: These packages are only updated for security reasons so you will get a antiquated version.

An up-to-date version of LyX is also available in Tumbleweed, openSUSE's rolling distribution.

1.1  Latest Version

openSUSE Tumbleweed always has the latest version of LyX.

For openSUSE Leap the latest version is also available and can be found here:

The "experimental" packages are recommended. This are packages that will end up in the official distribution.

Regular git snapshots can be found here:

2.  ImageMagick

LyX makes use of ImageMagick. The ImageMagick installation on openSUSE has disabled a number of options for security reasons, among them postscript (e.g. eps images do not show a preview in LyX). An alternative configuration is provided that follows the setting of the authors of ImageMagick.

The default openSUSE configuration can be found in the following package: ImageMagick-config-7 SUSE.

The alternative configuration, that has more option enabled, can be found in: ImageMagick-config-7-upstream.

By installing ImageMagick-config-7-upstream the user gets an ImageMagick installation that works best with LyX.

Of course, there is a reason some options are disabled: to provide better security. Many image formats still work. Be careful with using the alternative configuration.


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