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Distributed compilation of LyX on several machines

Compilation can be made faster by using several machines in parallel by using distcc package. These commands work on Debian stretch, but should generally work on wide variety of platforms. This configuration can be made more safe if ssh was used (see '@' in point 3).

Without providing long manuals you can do something along these lines while adding your own values:
1. get distcc on all machines
     apt-get install distcc
1.5 edit how many listening clients on each machines are available
     Change in /etc/default/distcc the line with JOBS=30.
2. running distcc client on all machines you want to compile
     distccd --allow (IP/range which you allow to directly communicate, e.g. just IP of master node)
3. let the master node know where to distribute:
     export DISTCC_HOSTS="@machine1/30 localhost/8" ('@' for ssh access, without it direct port is used (less safe); '/N' allows you to state how many jobs you want to distribute to that particular machine)
4. couple compilation switches needed:
     export LDFLAGS="-Wl,--copy-dt-needed-entries" (Linker will fail without this (DSO missing from command line))
     export CXX=`which distcc` (set compiler command to use distcc proxy)
     ./configure (configure need to take notice of these changes)
     make -j80 (compile with as many jobs as you want)
5. Monitor what's going on during the compilation
     distccmon-text 1

Category: Development, Tips, Linux

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