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About the LyX mascot that is illustrated in e.g. the logotype.

What is the mascot called?

I, Christian, am not quite sure, although bug:135 indicates the mascot is simply called 'The LyX'. In case it's up for debate, this page lists some name suggestions in wait for a vote on the users' list (with veto rights reserved by core developers).

The LyX

What kind of animal is that?

Is that a bird or a monster?

Answer: It's a mammal, the platypus
This file is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike 2.0 License (cc-by-sa-2.0). In short: you are free to share and make derivative works of the file under the conditions that you appropriately attribute it, and that you distribute it under this or a similar cc-by-sa license.

Why is it a platypus?

Why is the logotype a platypus to begin with?

Answer (Uwe Stöhr): Ask Lars Gullik Bjonnes, Matthias Etthrich or Jean-Marc Lasgouttess... The platypus as an example in our User's Guide looks very much like one of the animals on the cover of O'Reilly books.
Answer (Steve Litt): Because the Dodo bird is already taken by MS Word.
Answer (José Abílio): I am not sure, the platypus figure made its appearance in the 0.10 code base. So other than the usual suspects, Jean-Marc, Lars, Jürgen Vigna, Alan Rae or Asger, someone that may know what is the meaning of the platypus is David L. Johnson.
If I am allowed to guess I would conjecture that the association of a platypus to lyx is related with the C++ roots of LyX.
In objected oriented text/books the platypus is sometimes associated with the concept of polymorphism.
Is enough to search the web for examples of "polymorphism platypus c++" to see the plethora of positive outcomes.

Some history

  • Probably various discussions on mailing lists.
  • Bug:135 contains:
    The poor thing doesn't have a name. Unfortunately my
    campaign to name him "Steve" isn't going too well.
    ------- Additional Comment #1 From Lars Gullik Bj&#65533;nnes 2002-01-14 15:23 ------- 
    Possible names:
           - Steve
           - Lucky
           - Willer  (and in Tex Willer...)
           - Platux  (evt. Platyx)
           - Xerlyx  (sounds ok...)
           - Xerces  (ok ok...)
           - XT
           - Mr. TX. (TX as a word not as two letters)
           - Mr. T
           - Potus  (ok that is something completely different)
           - Smolf  (Small Mascot of LyX Fame)
    Some more brainstorming now, and we can have a vote.
    I belive we should first have about 20-30 different 
    ones, then have a vote to select 5-10 of these.
    Then have another vote to decide the winner... 
    we must give the LyX Team (core developers) veto.
    We cannot live with just anything.
    ------- Additional Comment #2 From John Levon 2002-01-14 15:29 ------- 
    All very showbiz, it's just the Big Brother TV show (yes, MORE trash TV).
    ------- Additional Comment #3 From Matej Cepl 2002-02-24 16:11 ------- 
    I would definitively vote for Platyx---it certainly has to have something common
    with platypus, which is the best animal on earth.
    ------- Additional Comment #4 From John Levon 2002-03-12 02:39 ------- 
    So what does "TeX Willer" actually mean ? I like "Willer"
    Mr. T is already taken too :
    ------- Additional Comment #5 From Juergen Spitzmueller 2002-03-12 11:26 ------- 
    I vote for Lydia. Let's give the women a chance in this pure man's world.
    ------- Additional Comment #6 From Christophe Foucher 2002-03-21 20:43 ------- 
    I also vote for Lydia.
    ------- Additional Comment #7 From Kayvan Sylvan 2002-03-22 10:02 ------- 
    I vote for ToM (Tom, Our Mascot)
    ------- Additional Comment #8 From John Levon 2002-03-26 03:10 ------- 
    Inspired by lib/examples/ my vote is for Felyx
    ------- Additional Comment #9 From Juergen Vigna 2002-03-27 02:24 ------- 
    I find it pretty uneccessary to have this type of stuff as open BUG report here!
    Anyway the creature is called "The LyX" and that is it! #:O)
    ------- Additional Comment #10 From John Levon 2002-05-23 14:19 ------- 
    Mass move to 1.2.0 - grep out the bugspam with "Dharma ex one+one"
    ------- Additional Comment #11 From Matej Cepl 2003-03-05 03:53 ------- 
    What is the status of this bug? :-)
    ------- Additional Comment #12 From John Levon 2003-04-24 15:25 ------- 
    Lars doesn't want any bugs.
    ------- Additional Comment #13 From Juergen Vigna 2005-07-16 23:33 ------- 
    We call it "The LyX", and that's it. 

Suggested names

Suggestions from bug:135.

  • Steve
  • Lucky
  • Willer (and in Tex Willer...)
  • Platux
  • Platyx
  • Xerlyx
  • Xerces
  • XT
  • Mr. TX. (TX as a word not as two letters)
  • Mr. T
  • Potus
  • Smolf (Small Mascot of LyX Fame)
  • Lydia
  • ToM
  • Felyx
  • The LyX
  • Lexycon

New suggestions:

Names that are possibly already taken:


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