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Unicode characters that are not yet supported by LyX. (This wiki page replaces the "META" bug 3673.)

Missing characters

If you come accross a LaTeX error because some unicode character is unknown, please sort it here. Please fill in as much information as possible.

List of missing characters:

  • "⇐" U+021D0: It is possible to enter it in Lyx (e.g. with Neo2), it's displayed correctly. It causes an error message on compilation (Package inputenc error)
  • "⇒" U+021D2: It is possible to enter it in Lyx (e.g. with Neo2), it's displayed correctly. It causes an error message on compilation (Package inputenc error)
  • "⇔" U+021D4: It is possible to enter it in Lyx (e.g. with Neo2), it's displayed correctly. It causes an error message on compilation (Package inputenc error)
  • "↦" U+021D6 : It is possible to enter it in Lyx (e.g. with Neo2), it's displayed correctly. It causes an error message on compilation (Package inputenc error)
  • U+035C from the lenny face

The name and code point of unicode characters can be queried easily at or (at least on Linux) with the programs unicode or gucharmap.

As a workaround, you can make a single Character useable by defining a replacement in the document's preamble (Document ⇒ Settings ⇒ Latex-Preamble). With the UTF8-code point, you can define a replacement command for this character with the following line of code:

\DeclareUnicodeCharacter{<code point>}{$<Replacement>$} % e.g. \DeclareUnicodeCharacter{21D2}{$\Rightarrow$}

A comprehensive list of symbols supported by LaTeX is symbols-a4.pdf.

Supported characters

  • Supported by standard LaTeX or a package that is part of the standard distributions.
  • Matching shape with the LyX-supported fonts.
  • Available in a type-1 (outline) font, not just bitmapped.
  • Please do not list a LaTeX symbol that just looks "similar", make sure it really is the same character/symbol.
CharacterCode pointNameLaTeX equivalentPackageStatus
0x1E9ELATIN CAPITAL LETTER SHARP S\SS output depends on font package

Partially supported characters

  • Depending on a special font setting or non-standard packages, or
  • only available in a bitmap font, or
  • a LaTeX equivalent that is the "right" character but looks different.
CharacterCode pointNameLaTeX equivalentPackageStatus
⁰ - ₔ0x2070-0x2094Super- and subscripts\textsuper, $^$, $_$ Discuss
ϑ0x03d1Greek Theta Symbol\varthetaMath/OML 
Super- and subscripts
Super- and subscripts are bigger in math than with \textsuper* commands. OTOH, only the super- and subscripts in the "Latin-1 Supplement" block are supported by the \text* commands.
Greek Theta Symbol
The LGR font encoding has only one slot for a Small Theta: Some LGR encoded fonts (latin-modern, cb, kerkis, but not tgtermes) have the curly ($\vartheta$) shaped glyph at the position of the Greek Small Letter Theta (which according to the Unicode reference should look like $\theta$).
The OML font encoding provides slots for both, \theta (small letter theta) and \vartheta (theta symbol).

Not supported characters

  • There is no (known) way to typeset these characters with LaTeX. (Please sort into one of the tables above if you find a LaTeX equivalent.)
  • Try XeTeX, if you really depend on them.
CharacterCode pointNameLaTeX equivalentPackageStatus
0x20a0EURO-CURRENCY SIGN (not € 0x20ac!)None  
0x20a5MILL SIGNNone  
0x20a7PESETA SIGNNone  
0x20a8RUPEE SIGNNone  
0x20adKIP SIGNNone  
0x20aeTUGRIK SIGNNone  
0x20afDRACHMA SIGNNone  
0x21AFDOWNWARDS ZIGZAG ARROW = electrolysis\lightning, \Lightningstmaryrd,wasysym,marvosymNot in LyX

Missing math definitions

Since LyX 1.6, Unicode in math is supported. For this "mathcommand" and "mathpreamble" fields were added to the unicodesymbols file. If these are missing or empty, the text conversion is wrapped in a \lyxmathsym command that by default sets them as "text-in-math".

  • Even if text and math version look identical, the LaTeX source is simpler if a math conversion rule exists (check with View>Source or File>Export>LaTeX).
  • The Unicode MATH property is assigned to characters that "naturally appear in mathematical contexts" (see These should be converted to LaTeX math constructs.

Problems/Open Questions

  • Superscripts and numbers in vulgar fractions are bigger in math.
  • Which letters should be in italic:
* only Latin and Greek (ISO 31 conform)
* all alphabetic characters (including cyrillic, hebrew, devangari, georgian, ...)
* alphabetic characters with the Unicode MATH property -- if they do not have an explicitely defined shape (like the "mathematical alphanumeric symbols").
CharacterCode pointNameMath equivalentPackageStatus
Α - ω Greek lettersA - \omega Leave as Text
∀ - ⋿0x2200-0x22ffMathematical Operators  incomplete
¹0x00b9SUPERSCRIPT 1{{}^1} TODO
²0x00b2SUPERSCRIPT 2{{}^2} TODO
³0x00b3SUPERSCRIPT 3{{}^3} TODO
⁰ - ⁿ0x2070-0x207fSUPERSCRIPT *{{}^*} TODO
₀ - ₔ0x2080-0x2094SUBSCRIPT *{{}_*} TODO
¼0x00bc1/4 FRACTION\frac14 TODO
½0x00bd1/2 FRACTION\frac12 TODO
¾0x00be3/4 FRACTION\frac34 TODO
⅓ - ⅞0x2153-0x215eVULGAR FRACTION *\nicefrac{}{}nicefracTODO
⟵ ...0x27f0-0x27ffSupplemental Arrows-A\longleftarrow ...(AMS)TODO
𝐀 ...0x119808 ...Mathematical Alphanumeric Symbols\mathbf{A} ... TODO

These Unicode characters are not supported by LyX 2.3.1 running on Ubuntu 16.04:

   U+26d4  No Entry
   U+26b3  Ceres (asteroid)
   U+26b4  Pallas
   U+26b5  Juno
   U+26b6  Vesta
   U+26b7  Chiron
   U+26b8  Black Moon Lilith
   U+26ba  Semisextile
   U+26b9  Sextile  
   U+26bc  Sesquiquadrate
   U+26bb  Quincunx
   U+2b62  Rightwards Triangle-Headed Arrow

These Unicode characters are displayed in text, but not in LaTex:

   U+1f311 New Moon Symbol
   U+29bb  Circle with Superimposed X
   U+1f728 Alchemical Symbol for Verdigris
   U+1f312 Waxing Crescent Moon Symbol
   U+1f313 First Quarter Moon Symbol
   U+1f314 Waxing Gibbous Moon Symbol
   U+1f315 Full Moon Symbol
   U+1f316 Waning Gibbous Moon Symbol
   U+1f317 Last Quarter Moon Symbol
   U+1f318 Waning Crescent Moon Symbol
   U+1f319 Crescent Moon
   U+1f812 Rightwards Arrow with Small Equilateral Arrowhead
   U+1f852 Rightwards Sans-Serif Arrow

Category: Unicode

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