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Publications that have been produced using LyX

If you feel like it, add examples of work that you've produced using LyX. Others might be interested to know what can be done using it.

Add your entries below, try to keep year sorting:

Stephen Mueller. APIs and Protocols For Convergent Network Services. McGraw-Hill, 2002.

This book started out as a tutorial whitepaper where I work. Once I hit about 50 pages and saw the number of topics and amount of material on each were going to turn the project into a book, I knew Word wasn't going to be up to the job (lost figures, mangled cross-references, abysmal multi-file document support, and on and on). I'd used LaTeX extensively for other complex documents and considered going that route, but it had also been some years since I'd looked into LaTeX frontends. The last time I had checked they were alpha quality at best and there was no such thing as LyX. When I found LyX around mid-2001, it seemed to be just what I wanted. The only question was, "Would it be up to the job?" It was and more so. I used the built-in book template, BibTeX, aspell, and xfig. The book ended up at 400+ pages. I never lost a single bit of work, even using those earlier versions of LyX. I would estimate it increased my productivity over Word by at least an order of magnitude. I now use Word only when necessary and only for documents under 50 pages or so. Anything else, short or long, I do in Lyx. And since the underlying representation is text-based, changes can be stored much more economically in our change management systems.

Burchill, J. K., D. J. Knudsen, B. J. J. Bock, R.F. Pfaff, Jr., D.D. Wallis, J.H. Clemmons, S.R. Bounds, H. Stenbaek-Nielsen. Core ion interactions with BB ELF, lower hybrid, and Alfvén waves in the high-latitude topside ionosphere. Submitted to Journal of Geophysical Research, 2003. -- I used a slightly modified AGU class style for this. JKB 030919

Burchill, J. K., "High-resolution observations of core and suprathermal ions in the auroral ionosphere: techniques and results from the GEODESIC sounding rocket", Ph.D. thesis, University of Calgary (Department of Physics and Astronomy), September, 2003 -- I made up a LyX layout file for this, which gives layouts for:

  • thesis title
  • month, year
  • department, degree
  • approval page with committee members, including newsigncolumn
  • acknowledgements, epigraph
  • etc.

Also got change tracking working for it on LyX 1.3.2, and it was quite useful. Here is an excerpt from my acknowledgements: "This thesis was written using free software. It was typeset with the TeX/LaTeX2e system on the GNU/Linux operating system. The LyX document processor was used for the actual writing. Thanks go to the LyX development team for the awesome software. Some graphics were converted to suitable formats with The GIMP, XFIG and ImageMagick. Sixpack and GBib were used for managing the bibliographic database." (230 pages) JKB 030919

  • Christian Ridderström et al, Various articles... see my publications, most were done using LyX
  • Christian Ridderström. Legged locomotion: Balance, control and tools - from equation to action. PhD thesis, The Royal Inst. of Technology, 100 44 Stockholm, Sweden, May 2003. See It's available as pdf.

Helge Hafting, Mildrid Ljosland. Algoritmer og datastrukturer, Gyldendal Akademisk 2003, ISBN: 82-05-31144-7, 298 pages

Written using lyx version 1.3 with a custom patch to make some things easier. The patch would not be needed today. the book is a textbook on algorithms and complexity, in Norwegian. The publisher specified fonts, sizes and spacing, I made a preamble with lots of modifications for scrbook. After that, writing was straightforward.

Anders Ekberg, Predicting fretting fatigue of railway wheel-axle assemblies – a state-of-the-art survey, Chalmers Applied Mechanics, Report 2004:10, 38 pp, 2004, see The paper basically uses the standard Article (koma-script) template. A condensed version published in IMechE J Rail & Rapid Transit (vol 218, pp 299–316, 2004)

Peter Ljunglöf, Göteborg University. Almost all my publications since 2004 are written using LyX. Most notably my PhD thesis (170 pages with lots of mathematical formulae and algorithms).

T. Cucinotta, L. Palopoli, L. Marzario, Stochastic feedback-based control of QoS in soft real-time systems, in Proceedings of the 43rd IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2004), Bahamas, December 2004.

Vaclav Smidl, Anthony Quinn, The Variational Bayes Method in Signal Processing, Springer, 2005.

This 227 page long monograph was produced using LyX 1.2 and Springer svmono style. Consistent look of all included illustrations and simulations results was achieved using:

  • xfig with "special" text flag, and
  • laprint for exporting Matlab figures with a minor modification to use svmono style for compilation of the pictures.

As a result, all illustrations and graphs use the same fonts and style.

Shepard, Richard B., Quantifying Environmental Impact Assessments Using Fuzzy Logic, Springer, 2005.

I wrote this 264-page book using LyX-1.3 and Springer's svmono class. Figures were produced with xfig using LaTeX fonts for labels and other text. Using LyX was quicker and more efficient than using LaTeX in emacs, particularly for editing and indexing. The camera-ready files were e-mailed to my editor and the production team and this substantially shortened the production process. LyX has been my principal writing tool since 1999 or 2000.

The OpenBSD PF Packet Filter Book: PF for NetBSD, FreeBSD, DragonFly and OpenBSD. Ed. Jeremy C. Reed. Keller, Texas: Reed Media Services. 2006. 193 pages. ISBN-13: 978-0-9790342-0-6. See Uses Koma-script book class.

Barnsley, M.J., 2007, Environmental Modeling: A Practical Introduction, CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA, 406p. See

Larsen, B.A., Klumpar, D.M., and Gurgiolo, C., 2007, Correlation between plasmapause position and solar wind parameters, Journal of Atmospheric and Solar-Terrestrial Physics, 69, 334-340 See

Larsen, B.A., 2007, Quantitative Studies of Terrestrial Plasmaspheric Dynamics Enabled by the IMAGE Spacecraft, PhD Dissertation-Physics, Montana State University, USA See

Tyree, Alan L, Self-publishing with LyX, Sage Tutorial Systems Pty Ltd, Katoomba Australia, 2007

Available in print or free download under a Creative Commons licence.

Print or download:

Download only:


Allison B Tyree, The Restless Minestrone, Sage Tutorial Systems Pty Ltd, 2007

The Restless Minestrone is a cookbook of some 270 pages. It includes line drawings and an index. A recipe is typically a couple of pages long and usually includes a drawing. Layout is more intricate than most books, but not so complicated as to require Scribus or other similar "desktop publishing" software.

LyX did the job splendidly. I was surprised at how well the manuscript looked even without any special LaTeX "tweaking". In the end, the only LaTeX required was a few lines in the preamble necessary to adjust the look of chapter titles and recipe lists. Making the index with LyX was a pleasure, and the many cross-references were easy.

I used the Memoir class and pdf output. The resulting pdf file went directly to the printer. The covers were done using Scribus.

A sample page may be seen at

Harding, Dawn, Moonflower Bay, Sage Tutorial Systems Pty Ltd, Katoomba, NSW, Australia 2007, ISBN: 780980332414.

This is about as far from the "typical" LyX produced publication as you can imagine! It is a romance novel written by a friend of mine. She wrote it using MS Word and was, of course, having a problem trying to get it in a form suitable for publication. In a short afternoon session, we exported it to text and then formatted in LyX. I used a template similar to that described in "Self-publishing with LyX", we chose a stock cover from and the job was finished.

Better than Mills and Boon if I do say so myself!

Available on

Alan L Tyree

Reed, Michael, 2008, Tech Book 1 - Published articles Oct 2006 - June 2008, Unmusic Books, ISBN 978-0-9560813-1-5

From my site: “Tech Book 1 is a compilation of 15 of my previously published articles. The theme is technology with an emphasis on retro computing, speculative technology, open source software, GNU/Linux and gender politics in technology. The articles were published on OS News, and Free Software Magazine, amongst other places. [...] This is a chance to own a hard copy of updated versions of those articles in addition to some retrospective comments by the author.”

The book was created with LyX (1.5.0 and 1.6.0) using the KOMA-script book class. The diagrams and illustrations were included as SVG, PNG or JPEG files. As all of the articles were written in LyX to begin with, it wasn't too much work to compile them into a book.

The print copies are in a large format of 10.2"x6.62" with 0.75" inner and outer margins. This is actually a comic book format. The e book edition has a page size of 9"x6" with a slightly larger margin size of 1".

By visiting my site, it is possible to order a print copy of the book or download a free e book edition in PDF format. In addition to this, you can download the LyX source file for the book and a TeX version of the source.

Amongst the articles, the book contains my review of LyX 1.5.0 and a few other small notes about using LyX.

Wollner, Maximilian (2008): Was ist politischer Islam? Versuch einer Definition, Diploma Thesis in Political Science, University of Vienna, available at

For my diploma thesis I used a big amount of customization in LyX which might be untypical. I made use of XeTeX to use native OS X-fonts, embedded Inkscape graphics, highly customised Memoir as the document class and biblatex for my references. Thanks to the users’ list and this wiki I managed all my desired modifications without having to learn LaTeX too much. Also my computer skills are rather low, I am a sophisticated user rather than an expert. My thesis therefore is a good example what you can achieve with LyX without having to “learn programming” (to exaggerate a little bit). I regularly comment my hints for LyX on my website at, so if you know German feel free to ask or leave comments. The LaTeX preamble for my diploma thesis with commentaries in German can also be found there:

Waluyo Adi Siswanto, ISBN : 978-983-2963-77-6, 2008, Penerbit UTHM, Malaysia,
Principles of Engineering Dynamics - Concise Theory and Applications,

Waluyo Adi Siswanto, ISBN : 978-967-5457-41-8, 2011, Penerbit UTHM, Malaysia,
Scientific Book Writing, Using LyX a Front-end of LaTeX

Malcolm, Jeremy. Multistakeholder Governance and the Internet Governance Forum, Terminus Press, 2008.
ISBN 978-0-9805084-0-6

Gene Expression Studies Using Affymetrix Microarrays
By Hinrich Gohlmann, Willem Talloen
Illustrated, full color
Published by Taylor and Francis, 2009
ISBN 1420065157, 9781420065152

Sleazy, Aaron, Sleazy Stories: Confessions of an infamous modern Seducer of Women, Black Swallowtail Publishing, 2009.

200 page book produced with LyX and the document class "book"; output generated with XeTeX.

Joyner, Michael, Cherokee Bingo Animals I, Self, 2009.

An example software generated LyX files resulting in Bingo Playing cards, etc.

Example LyX files available by request.

T. Cucinotta, K. Konstanteli, T. Varvarigou, Advance Reservations for Distributed Real-Time Workflows with Probabilistic Service Guarantees, in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Service-Oriented Computing and Applications (SOCA 2009), Taipei, Taiwan, December 2009.

K. Konstanteli, T. Cucinotta, T. Varvarigou, Optimum Allocation of Distributed Service Workflows with Probabilistic Real-Time Guarantees, Springer Service Oriented Computing and Applications, Vol. 4, No. 4, December 2010.

T. Cucinotta, L. Palopoli, L. Abeni, D. Faggioli, G. Lipari, On the integration of application level and resource level QoS control for real-time applications, IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics, Vol. 6, No. 4, November 2010 (only the math-intensive section was written with LyX).

Brown, Richard and Willson, Jane Wynne: Funerali senza dio- manuale pratico per la celebrazione di funerali non-religiosi, Omnilog Books, 2010. ISBN 9780956514301

200 page manual in Italian, with tables, photos, external pdfs and music scores, on the conduction of non-religious funerals, produced using the KOMA Script (Book) class. More info at

Malcolm, Jeremy and Noronha, Frederick (eds). Access to Knowledge: A Guide for Everyone, Consumers International, 2010.
ISBN 978-0-9566117-0-3

Malcolm, Jeremy (ed). Access to Knowledge for Consumers: Reports of Campaigns and Research 2008-2010, Consumers International, 2010.
ISBN 978-0-9566117-1-0

Daniels, Elita F.: Tree of Life (Part I), P.L. & E.F. Daniels, 2010. ISBN 9780980819304

380 page fantasy novel

More info at

A Financial Bestiary: Introducing Equity, Fixed Income, Credit, FX, Forwards, Futures, Options and Derivatives, Chesham Bois Publishing, 2011.
By Ramin Charles Nakisa
ISBN 978-0-9566635-0-4

This is an applied book, using the bare minimum of mathematics to give a good understanding of finance. It is ideal for people just starting out in their financial career or those who have some financial experience who want to broaden or refresh their knowledge.

A bestiary was a medieval book containing pictures and descriptions of mythical beasts each with its own moral tale to edify the reader. This is a bestiary of finance, and as such starts with a picture book of jobs and traded instruments in finance. Then the "Foundations" section sets out the broad picture of who does what and why in financial markets. Finally there are detailed chapters on financial instruments grouped into sections on "Fixed Income", "Credit" and "Forwards, Futures and Options". The book contains many figures and fully worked exercises to clarify the contents.

More information here

Available on Amazon

Steve Litt

I used LyX to write the following Troubleshooters.Com(R) books:

  • Troubleshooting Techniques of the Successful Technologist (2001)
  • The Manager's Guide to Technical Troubleshooting (2005)
  • Twenty Eight Tales of Troubleshooting (2006, PDF eBook)
  • Troubleshooting: Just the Facts (2007, PDF eBook)
  • Rapid Learning For the 21st Century (2008, PDF eBook)
  • Thriving in Tough Times (2009, eBook)
  • Quit Joblessness: Start Your Own Business (2010, PDF eBook)
  • The Key to Everyday Excellence (2011, PDF eBook)

Each book had its own LyX layout file. I'm especially proud of the section, subsection and subsubsection used in both "The Manager's Guide to Technical Troubleshooting" and "Thriving in Tough Times". Because these were aimed at a sophisticated, non-technical audience, instead of using the default headings with their dotted numbers, I used short horizontal lines, with a thick one for sections, a medium one for subsections, and a razor thin one for subsubsections. Most of these books also had special environments (paragraph styles) for Warnings, Notes, Tips, and Stories. These books range from 18,500 words to 115,700 words, and most have substantial indexes.

Stefano Franchi and Francesco Bianchini, eds., The Search for a Theory of Cognition, Amsterdam: Rodopi, 2011, ISBN: 978-9042034273.

Preview available on It is a collection of essays on the history and philosophy of Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Science.

Production notes: The book was written in Lyx with the memoir class (customized to follow Rodopi's book design specs). It was typeset with LuaTeX (and biblatex and biber for the bibliography). The typeface is TeX Gyre Termes (a free Times New Roman clone.) It is a rather large book (over 400 pages), with a large bibliography containing items in multiple languages. Biblatex and biber (which provide full Unicode support) were crucial, especially since Rodopi uses a custom (and strictly enforced) bibliography style.

Påvel Nicklasson, Att aldrig vandra vill Johan Haquin Wallman Sveriges förste arkeolog, (Never to Wander Astray: Johan Haquin Wallman, Sweden’s First Archaeologist) Lund 2011. ISBN:978-91-89578-43-2. A biography about the Swedish antiquairan Johan Haquin Wallman (1792–1853). More information (in Swedish):

Påvel Nicklasson and Bodil Petersson eds., Att återupptäcka det glömda Aktuell forskning om forntidens förflutna i Norden, (To rediscover the Forgotten: Recent Research on the Past of the Antiquity in Scandinavia) Lund 2012. ISBN: 978-91-89578-47-0. An edited volume with 20 papers on the history of archaeology in Scandinavia.

Both books are (mostly) in Swedish and can be ordered from:

Production notes: The first book was written and produced in LyX on Linux. The papers for the edited volume were submitted as word processor files and LyX was used for layout and typesetting. It is a rather large books (the first almost 500 pages and the second 400). I used KOMA-script (book) for both volumes, but especially for the second book the layout was modified.

Jack Lyon, Macro Cookbook for Microsoft Word, ISBN 978-1-4341-0332-1.

This is a brief, elementary introduction to using macros in Microsoft Word. The book is available on Amazon and at Barnes & Noble.

You can download sample pages here.

Both written and typeset in LyX, using a custom layout.

L. R. Denham, Escaping Texas, 2013. This is a novel set in a dystopian near future, and tells the story of a family escaping from collapsing civilization in Texas to what they hope will be a better life in Australia.

Available as a Kindle ebook at and as an EPUB ebook at

Escaping Texas was written and typeset in LyX using memoir class, and converted to EPUB by exporting LyXHTML then importing the XHTML file (with minor edits) to Sigil.

Cody Jackson, Learning to Program Using Python, 2016. An introduction to programming in general and the Python language specifically. A free PDF of the second edition can be downloaded from Also available at Amazon:

Pablo Duboue, The Art of Feature Engineering, Cambridge University Press, 2020. ISBN: 978-1108709385.

A 286-page textbook with 330 citations was written as a single LyX file using stock LyX available on Debian stable, exported to LaTeX and sent to the publisher for typesetting/copy-editing. All citations, cross-references and term index was done using LyX native support.

This data science book discusses 10,000 lines of python released together with the book under MIT license at sites).

This is the first time I have seen a graphical document editor working without corrupting its saved files for such a long file. LyX is unlikely anything else available for authors.

David Reißfelder, Paris in London. Kammermusikalische Begegnungen um 1900, Georg Olms Verlag, 2022. ISBN: 9783487162348.

A 390-pages German monograph in the humanities written from scratch in one LyX file and typeset following the requirements of the book series but allowing for some custom layout decisions (Garamond No. 8 font, table of contents, chapter and section headings). Includes several illustrations, multi-page tables, many footnotes, cross references and index of persons. A short extract can be found at sites)

Henry Chern (full name Gennady Chernyshev), Translations of publications on category theory, functional programming and related topics, 2017-2022.

The site sites) contains my translations of books (8 pieces) and articles (more than 30), with a volume of more than 3000 pages.

Done with LyX

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