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Instructions and tips about adding material to this site

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When you decide to add material to this site, you can do it in a very simple way by just adding links to other web-sites, or you can add a page with information, or even a whole group of pages — it is up to you.

When you just add a link, please add a brief description of what the link points to. For instance, if you have created a tutorial and adds a link to it to the page LyX.Tutorials, it is a good idea to add some text saying what the tutorial teaches you...

If you decide to describe your material more extensively, it is often a good idea to create a separate page for it. For a page that will describe a tutorial you have written, you should give the page a name that starts with Tutorial, since this will make it easy to see what the page is about. Additionally, if all pages about tutorials begins with Tutorial, they will be sorted next to each other in an alphabetically sorted list.

Where to upload files

Even when you add a separate page to describe the material, you still have the choice of storing separate files externally (i.e. not at this site), or uploading them here. If you decide to store them externally, just add a link to the relevant files. If you want to upload the files, please read about uploading. When you upload files, you have to decide where to place them... For the example of a tutorial, a single file (could be an archive) should be uploaded to directory in the group LyX that is called tutorials/. If there are several files, it is better to put them in a subdirectory of tutorials/.

Kind of materialGroupUpload to (a subdirectory of)
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