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Transition to LyX 2.2.0: little (resolvable) problems

Here you find a list of possible errors you may get when you compile, with LyX 2.2.0, a document created with previous versions.

1.  Missing character: There is no <some char> in font nullfont

If your document has a tikzpicture inside, you may get the error:
Missing glyphs!
with the error description:
Missing character: There is no <some char> in font nullfont!
which was ignored by LyX 2.1.x.

For example if there is a ; left at the end of \end{scope}, the error is:
Missing character: There is no ; in font nullfont!

It could be not easy to find the guilty <some char> at a first glance.
The solution is to insert (temporarily, for debugging scope only) the command:


in ERT, then, when you compile, you will see your figure in a strange way, but the guilty <some char> will appear clearly.
Remember to remove the command after having fixed the error.

For details see David Carlisle's answer to this question.

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Category: LyX, Example and Tip

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