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<Configuring DVI viewers on Mac>

If you have MacDviX or MacGhostView installed, LyX will use them to preview DVI and Postscript. Another good previewer for .dvi, .ps, and .pdf files is TeXShop, which is also an excellent stand-alone TeX editor. Although it's still in beta, TeXniscope is a fine, free DVI viewer.

Reverse DVI search, which allows the cursor in LyX automatically to jump to the point where you OPTION-click (ALT-click) in the previewed DVI file, can be enabled with recent versions of teTeX and MacDviX or xdvi:

  • Change Preferences -> Converters -> Latex -> DVI -> Converter to latex --src $$i or include \usepackage[active]{srcltx} in the preamble of your LyX files.
  • For MacDviX, add at the end of /Applications/MacDviX_Folder/calleditor.script:
    /Applications/ "$2" $1
    exit 1
(Modify as needed if you install LyX somewhere other than the Applications folder.)
  • For xdvi, change Preferences -> Outputs -> File formats -> DVI -> Viewer to
  DISPLAY=:0.0 xdvi -editor 'lyxeditor %f %l'

Category: Mac, DVI

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