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Building LyX with Aiksaurus Support

If you're trying to build LyX with Aiksaurus support, but:

  • when you run configure, config.log shows that it couldn't link with -lbz2 (the bzip2 shared object), and
  • you have the file /usr/lib/, and
  • you don't have the file /usr/lib/

then the problem is that LyX wants you to have the "link" version of the bzip2 shared object, but you only have the "runtime" version. These are actually the same file under different names. (There's a good reason for that, having to do with the Unix SVR4 shared object versioning mechanism, but I won't go into it here.)

A quick fix:

  1. Run su root ln -s /usr/lib/

This will create a symbolic link for the "link" version of the shared object.

  1. Re-run the LyX configure script
  2. Check config.log to see if the -lbz2 problem was corrected
  3. Build LyX
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Page last modified on 2005-12-01 23:20 UTC