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That is a complex issue that deals with maturity and it points at
developers because they impact users.  I mean that this is an
important fact, not a matter of opinion.


	Note that while an extensive set of ready layout files is included
        with the LyX distribution package, it would be rash to assume that
        the corresponding LaTeX class and style files are also
        installed. You may have to do that yourself, and reconfigure both
        your LaTeX installation and LyX, to cause them to be found."

The documentation clearly states you have to reconfigure both TeX and Lyx
when refreshing the file name database after you've added new packages or
fonts. A developer who has read and understands the "Concept" does not make
the mistaken, quick and easy surmise that browsing to some different folder
containing the file replaces the reconfiguration function conceptually. Thus
the developer doesn't make the brash claim that this is a LyX bug because he
would realize that LyX/Tex are behaving exactly as designed. I don't mean
that providing this browse to a .bst file as a feature of LyX (like which
has already been done)is undesirable. It also doesn't mean it is a priority.
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