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Using accesskeys (i.e. keyboard shortcuts) at this site

This site allows you to use accesskeys (sort of like keyboard shortcuts) so that you can navigate it faster.

The following accesskeys are defined for all pages at this site:

  • E — Edit the current page
  • U — Upload a file to the current group
  • S — Move the cursor to the search form at the top of a page (press enter to search).
  • H — Go to the help page for this site
  • L — Go to the main LyX-page
  • T — Go to the main page for This Site
  • D — Go to the main Development page


Please note that accesskeys are used differently in different browsers.

First press shift-Escape and then the accesskey, e.g. S-Esc e to edit a page.
Press Alt and the accesskey, e.g. M-e to edit a page. Note: This means that the shortcut for the edit menu in Netscape is blocked.
Mozilla Firebird 0.7
See the description of how it works in Netscape.
On Macintosh
Ctrl and the accesskey is supposed to work, e.g. C-e to edit a page.
Internet Explorer
This link claims that you can press Alt and the accesskey followed by Enter, e.g. M-e Enter to edit a page.
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Page last modified on 2005-08-07 09:01 UTC