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Edit citation

Reference ID
List type
list (:|definition;**|item;#|number)
The list type specifies how to store the citation within the bib block. This is purely an author preference and has no effect on how the citation appears in the bibliography.
Citation text
citation (text=5*50)
The citation text is required. Enter the citation as you want it to appear in the bibliography. Only the first line is used; subsequent lines are treated as comments. The \ end-of-line character extends the first line.
Default text
Reference text
The reference text is optional. If entered, it is used as the text of the reference. If omitted, the default text, derived from the reference ID, is used.
Numeric text
numtext (=30)
The numeric text is optional. If entered, it is used instead of the number in the numeric reference style. In author-year style, it is ignored.
Access date
access (date)
The access date is optional. If entered, it is used as the date on which the author accessed the citation. This is often used to denote the date of accessing a Web page.
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