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Description of the wiki fields at sites).

Every page of this wiki belongs to a wiki group. The groups have however been split between two separate wikis (called wiki fields):

  • User's field - primarily intended for normal users for LyX. This is also the main field here at sites).
  • Developer's field - primarily intended for developers of LyX.

The main field is intended for all users of LyX, while the second field is used by developers of LyX. These two fields are really two separate wikis, but they do share some pages (the pages in the group Site for instance, also see shared groups).

The idea with this separation is that the user's field should concern current versions of LyX, e.g. documentation, tips and examples. The developer's field on the other hand, may contain ideas about features under development or technical discussions on the design of LyX.

What goes where is really up to the person writing it, but generally speaking anything that's useful to normal users should go in the user's field.

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