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Details about this wiki installation

This page describes details about this wiki installation, e.g. location of files etc.

  • The server wiki.lyx.org is an alias for aussie.lyx.org.
  • The main wiki directory on aussie is
  • The wiki engine is located on aussie at
  • The "database" with wiki pages is located on aussie in
  • The local configurations is primarily controlled by this file on aussie.
  • "Public" images (LyX logo etc) are located on aussie under the following directory
  • The directory for uploaded files on aussie is
So something like uploads:/Site/aboutUploading/aFile.txt corresponds to the following file on aussie
  • The file manager (IPFM) is installed on aussie in


Note that the sticky for group permissions are set for some of the directories. This is so that the "user" which runs apache will own certain files, e.g. the uploaded files. If this isn't the case, we can't use for instance the file manager to delete files.

So if you manually copy a file into uploads/, remember that nobody else will (probably) be able to delete it etc.

The group wiki

Users that belong to the group wiki should be able to manipulate uploaded files and the wiki page database directly.

Illustration of permissions

Below are the permissions for some of the important directories

 drwxrwsr-x  13 lyx    wiki 4096  30 apr 13.18 /home/lyx/www/pmwiki/
 drwxrwxr-x  2  apache wiki 20480  7 jun 17.57 /home/lyx/www/pmwiki/wiki.d/
 drwxrwsr-x  15 apache wiki 4096   6 jun 23.48 /home/lyx/www/pmwiki/uploads/
 drwxrwxr-x  6  chr    wiki 4096   8 feb 12.18 /home/lyx/www/pmwiki/pub/

Question: Why does chr own pub/?
Answer (Christian): I have no idea.. but as long as the directory belongs to the group wiki, it shouldn't matter.

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