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Structure of fields and groups

The site uses a farm approach, i.e. we're using the following wiki fields:

  • The primary field
  • The development field

In addition, pages found in the group 'Site' are shared between the different fields.

We will prepend the page name to indicate what field it belongs to or if it is shared. See these examples:

  • /:LyX/Welcome - a page in the primary field
  • devel:Devel.Tools - a page in the development field
  • shared:Site.Help - a shared page

Note that because pages in the group 'Site' are to be shared, pages such as AllRecentChanges and AllRecentChangesShort are placed in the group 'Field' (which is not shared between fields).

Note: All pages in the Site group that refers to pages outside this group needs to prefix the page link with an interlink. This means we need the following prefixes:

  • Devel: - the development field (should this be 'devel' instead?)
  • LyX: - the main field (should this be 'lyx' instead?)

The sidebars

The sidebars are organized as follows, where the usual starting point is the page shared:Site.SideBar:


	(:include Site.SideBar-header:)
	(:include Field.Field-SideBar:)
	(:include Site.SideBar-footer:)

Note that share:Site.SideBar-header is included rather than placed directly in Site.SideBar in order to make it easier for people to create group specific sidebars with a consistent look.


	(:include Field.Field-SideBar-header:)

	(:include SideBar-group:)

	(:include Field.Field-SideBar-footer:)

The inclusion of ...-header and ...-footer is (again) to make it easier to create customized group specific sidebars. Including SideBar-group is to allow a group specific part of the sidebar.

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