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Notes about upgrading the wiki engine to pmwiki2.

This page details list of things that need to be done in order to upgrade the wiki engine to pmwiki2.

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Things that need to be done

  • Search for occurences of www.devel.lyx.org and replace with www.lyx.org/devel
  • Search for occurences of attachlist ... that no longer works :-(
  • Fix search page to have search entries for searching both fields...
  • Fix skin of new site so that...
    • Search field is at the top
    • Fix colour theme
  • What do do about CamelCase?
    • Initially leave it on, but later on disable CamelCase
    • I've disabled CamelCase for the devel field, but I'll leave it on for the user's field for now.
  • Make new installation use the group 'Site/' rather than 'Main'

Things that have been done

  • Decided to replace all Attach: with uploads: and use absolute paths.


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Page last modified on 2005-09-24 20:49 CEST