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Taking a "snapshot" of this site

Note: The text below has not been tested with PmWiki yet

This wiki describes how you can create your own local copy of these wikis:

We will assume that the environment variable $LYXDIR points to the Lyx shared directory, and that you want to put your snapshot of the files there (you'll need write permission to $LYXDIR/doc).

    cd $LYXDIR     # i.e. to .../share/lyx
  wget -r -P doc -nh -nH -k -p -R '*\?*' http://wiki.lyx.org/pmwiki.php    

this will create a snapshot structure of all the wikis in

        |-- doc
        |   `-- wiki
        |       |-- img
        |       `-- moin.cgi    (here's where the actual wikis are)   

and you don't have to post-parse the files since wget does that at end for you (I think it's the switch -P combined with -k that fixes this).

A link will now look like this:

        <a href="LyxFAQ">LyxFAQ</a>

i.e. it will have a relative path, so it doesn't matter where $LYXDIR actually is. There will still be paths that doesn't work, such as:

        <a href="/wiki/moin.cgi/LyxWikis?action=edit">EditText</a>

but they wont work properly without a cgi-script anyway.

So, to sum it up. It ought to be really easy to send this stuff with any lyx installation doing as I've described above. Then it's just a matter of informing the user that if he opens an URL such as this:


he'll find a local copy of the FAQ.

Of course, at the moment everything gets passed along, so it might be prudent to execute something like:

        rm `grep -i -L lyx $LYXDIR/share/doc/wiki/moin.cgi/*`

or do it the otherway around, and add a certain text-tag to the pages we want to be exported.

-- chr

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