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Test a recipe that provides markup to insert small 'status icons'. This also documents the use of this markup. This markup might be used in the page NewInLyX16 and NewInLyX20. Also see Devel.Status


Bla bla

Bla bla

Default... no nothing probably:-)
Bla bla
(:statusicon undocumented:)

Bla bla

No documentation available yet

Making it centered:

Bla bla
%center%(:statusicon undocumented:)

Bla bla

No documentation available yet

A documented feature

Bla bla
%center%(:statusicon documented:)

Bla bla


Implemenation and configuration

The icon images are stored here:

The recipe file is on Aussie in the file


However, it's configured in


by the following piece of code:

if(true) {
  $StatusIconTypeFmt =
    array('default' =>
          '[[Devel/Status#default | uploads:/Site/statusicon/default.gif"Default... no nothing probably:-)"]]',
          => '[[Devel/Status#undocumented | uploads:/Site/statusicon/undocumented.gif"No documentation available yet"]]',
          => '[[Devel/Status#documented | uploads:/Site/statusicon/documented.gif"Documented"]]'

So in order to add more types of icons, modify $StatusIconTypeFmt. The key in the array is what is to be given as argument to (:statusicon <key>:). The value in the array is what's exported into the wiki markup.


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