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Access TOC information in isolation.

I wanted to send a document summary, but didn't know how to output just the table of contents. Herbert Voss helped out on the user list and there was a request that I put it on the wiki...

the basic procedure is:

- Run LyX and don't close it

- In the temporary directory /tmp/lyx.... you'll find all importantfiles; the toc is in <file>.toc

- Copy the contents into ERT

- delete any language line e.g.:'\select@language {english}'

It worked for me and Kevin Pfeiffer - I hope it's some use to you...

This trick also works with the index, if you're building one. Now the file you are looking for is <file>.ind

Nick Kuzmik? April 08, 2006, at 01:45 AM

Doesn't seem to work in LyX2.0 b, I tried creating a blank document and inserting the \contentsline data but it does not show up in the document

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