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Blocked keyboard shortcuts

Not all keyboard shortcuts can be used directly. For instance, M-e (or A-e) typically opens the Edit-menu. (This is usually the underlined letters in the menus, and furthermore AFAIK, it is not possible to use e.g. M-e i since as soon as you press M-e the menu system takes over).

If you really want to use a shortcut that is used by a menu, you need to edit the user interface file (default.ui, or stdmenus.ui on Windows) and remove the binding there, i.e. copy

C:\Program Files\LyX\Resources\ui\stdmenus.ui (Windows)

to your LyX/UserDir, normally

C:\Documents and Settings\USER\Application Data\lyx\ui (Windows)

and edit the local copy of the file. Assuming that you want to use the shortcut M-e for something else, change the line:

Submenu "Edit|E" "edit"

to just

Submenu "Edit" "edit"

and then restart Main/LyX.


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