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How to customize the colors of LyX.

LyX offers a way to set the color of the fonts to pieces of text, but those colors might not be the best. They are pure RGB colors and some like green, cyan and yellow doesn't have enough contrast to white to be readable.

Thankfully, it easy to change them. For example, I've added the following to the preamble to get them a bit darker:

\definecolor{green}{RGB}{0, 180, 0}
\definecolor{cyan}{RGB}{0, 180, 180}

Of course, on the LyX GUI you'll still get the original colors, which thanks to the particular background of LyX are very readable.

At the moment, you can only redefine the names of colors LyX knows about. The LyX way to select colors (Edit -> Text style -> Customized) does not accept new color names.


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