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Tips related to equation numbering

This page is for tips on how to number (or not number) equations in LyX and LaTeX.

1.  Edit or change a label of a equation

To change the label of a equation put your cursor in the very equation and insert a label (Insert > Label). The old label will be shown in the dialog and can be edited.

2.  Remove an equation label and number

Using the keyboard, press DEL at the end of the equation.

Another way:

  1. Double-click the icon "Set display mode" in the math toolbar (it can be turned on via: View -> Toolbars -> Math)

The first clicking changes the equation to an inline formula and deletes the equation label at the same time. The seconding clicking changes the equation back to the display mode. Using the keyboard, press Ctrl+Shift+M twice.

And another way:

  1. Cut the content of the equation.
  2. Create a new equation of the same type.
  3. Paste the equation contents into the new equation.
  4. Copy the old equation label.
  5. Delete the old equation including its math-box placeholder. References will become homeless.
  6. Click inside the new equation.
  7. Insert -> Label
  8. Paste old equation label. References will be re-connected to the new label. Make sure you preserve spelling.

3.  Automatically number all (display) equations

An option to automatically number all equations entered in display mode is on the developer "wish list". Meanwhile, two work-arounds have been suggested:

(a) insert


in the document preamble; or

(b) bind
"command-sequence math-display; math-number;"
to a key combination and use that combination to insert all display-mode formulas.

If you want all equations numbered by default in new documents, you might use option (a) in a template file.

4.  Restart equation numbering when a new part or section starts

To achieve this add the following line to your document preamble:





5.  Number equations together with the part or section



respectively. But it requires amsmath, so make sure that "Use AMS math package" is selected in Document→Settings→Math Options

Math Tips

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